Have you heard the buzz about the internet marketing college?

Internet Marketing College - Jack Holloway

If not you might be asking what is the Internet marketing college?

Did you know that the seminar industry is a business model?

Think about it!

Have you ever attended a Free seminar and thought this must be too good to be true and most of the time you are right. Yes? Can you resonate with that. Getting that feeling after being there for a few hours they try try to sell you something at a ridiculous price right? 

Well, I am please to say that I am a founding member of the first ever Internet Marketing College. Yes, I can hear you saying that there are loads of colleges and classes online that teach internet marketing and that is my point exactly.  internet marketing college

This is not like those courses or any other thing you may have seen online.

I am going to strip back the curtains and tell you exactly why and how this is different.

The difference between the Internet Marketing College

1: If you’ve ever attended an event/seminar the entry is either free or for a very low cost. The purpose is to get you in the door. Give you a lot of value but leave you wanting more. Usually you will find that the speakers then pitch whatever it is they are selling, which usually is a high ticket product, such as a course or coaching program.  internet marketing college

2: You’ve brought the product and consumed it but now you need help or advice from the guru you brought it from, they are not available and direct you to their support desk. You’ve found that after consuming the course you are stuck, frustrated and need guidance because it would appear that there are a few piece to the puzzle missing and you are right. Do you know why? So that you can go and purchase another course.

This is how a lot of people get caught up in the learning process and are continuously learning and never able to implement what they have learnt. They get stuck on the hamster wheel, going round and round.

This model also applies to a lot of online courses. Some guru may offer a free webinar, show you some great stats and results. Then teases you by giving you a little view behind the curtain but not enough for you to actual grasp it, then you are waiting for the secret sauce only to learn it is going to cost you.

So why is the Internet Marketing College different?


1: It will be a college held in a physical location.

2: When you decide to take a course with us, there are never any upsells. You will pay for your tuition by the number of credits you brought, so there is no hidden agenda.

3: You have to sit a Pre-test to determine what you already know and on completion a Post-Test to ensure you’ve actually learnt the curriculum you have paid for.

4: The courses are structured unlike products that are currently sold online.

5: The staff are experts in the Education field and use the Instructional System Design, which is used at many colleges. ISD is an engineered scientific design system.

6: Seminars are designed to push information at you, not necessarily looking at the best ways to teach you or have ISD in place.

7: The courses are designed by PHD’s who incorporate the ISD system.

It is a proven fact that Adults learn more from going to college than they do at a seminar and this is due to ISD. It works because there is a baseline to work from and the student moves in a structural path, which helps them become confident and they then learn correctly.

8: You will be able to get all your learning under one roof and at no additional cost


9: You will be qualified to get a high paying job if that is what you require or you will be taught the skills to manage and run your own online business.

You see the CEO realised there is a flaw in the regular college system at present. Millions of graduates worldwide are finishing College/University with degrees that they are not able to use. One for being over qualified for the jobs that are available and two not being able to get jobs they actually trained for.

Therefore, he decided that he wanted his college to have a return on investment. After all if you are paying to get a degree what guarantees are there that you will actually get a job straight after graduating? I been reading several articles such as the New York Post and Forbes to determine how real this problem actually is.

If you want to learn more about the Internet Marketing College you will have to opt onto my list as the school will be launching in August. Also by being on my list I will keep you up to date with everything that is happening leading up to the launch.

I spent some time with Jack Holloway the Chief Learning Officer and Jim Piccolo one of the directors of the college. Watch the video below to learn more about the Internet Marketing College.