hobby or business

Lines: Hobby or Business?

Here’s an equation that kills most online business…

I want to put X in and get Y in return.

X – is a little bit of money, like what you’d spend on a hobby
Y- is a ton of money, like what a REAL business would give you.

In other words, most people want to spend a few dollars here and there. Maybe even rely on FREE traffic, dabble in a few tricks and trends. And then shrug their shoulders when they don’t make much money…or any at all.

And it’s because they’re believing the faulty equation.

You cannot treat your business like a hobby and expect your business to treat YOU like a business owner.

It just does not work that way.

That’s fairy dust.

If you want a real business, you need to invest, you need to find and develop ways that you can put money IN and get money OUT, consistently, profitably and predictably.

That’s the only equation that works. Good money IN, better money OUT.

Whenever you start a new venture, you’re on a curve.

Some call it a learning curve.

But not all learning curves are the same.

Some are logarithmic.
Some are exponential.

What’s the difference?

A logarithmic curve starts out FAST and then slows down.

Logarithmic curves occur when you learn a new language, start a fitness program
or take up a musical instrument.

You get results very fast at the beginning but then your returns diminish.

An exponential curve starts slow and then speeds up.

Businesses generally follow this pattern.

If they can survive the “slow” part at the beginning, they eventually speed up.
Things get easier, results come faster.

If you’re considering starting a new business, you MUST know that you’re going to be
on an exponential curve. The beginning will be slow. Sometimes PAINFULLY slow.

Unless you take steps to speed through that initial slow period.

The best way to do this is to avoid markets, products, and businesses that have gently sloping
curves…and find one that has a steeper curve.

When you’re ready for a business that will truly support your freedom dreams (career freedom, time freedom, location freedom). Knowing how to ride the curve can be the difference between financial freedom and 9 to 5 captivity.

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