Keep putting things off?

Monday I had a plan of action to implement certain things in my business. When I eventually managed to get up I wasn’t feeling well. I ended up spending the next 2 days in bed.

That was 2 days wasted. 2 days I’ll never be able to get back.

So this morning I intended to get up bright and early and start work. My work relies on technology and as I lay there listening to the news the TV died. I continued laying there, then I thought to myself maybe the breakers gone, so I get up everything is fine. We have a power cut!

Keep putting things off

So it got me thinking as I went back and laid on my bed. We are sometimes hostage to our circumstances. We are so reliant on technology that if we lose it we are stuck. For example, I have no electric, which means if I was going to work I’d be stuck in the house as the garage door cannot open. The gates to the community would be shut. I can’t have a shower as there is no hot water, neither can I make myself a cup of tea or make a hot breakfast as the cooker is electric. So what am I gonna do now?

Well the lazy side of me said stay in bed until all is good, but the entrepreneurial side of me said find something to do. I intended on writing a blog post today, I don’t need electricity to do that so just do it and here it is.

What’s the purpose of this post you maybe asking well many.

1: I wanted to highlight that when we keep putting things off, other things get in the way to stop us from moving forward.

2: We really are not in control of what happens in our lives on a daily basis, i.e me not feeling good and now the power cut.

3: When faced with adversities we have to rise above it and be creative with what we have.

4: That sometimes we really need to go back to basics as we rely too much on modern technology.

When you decide to start your own business you are always going to be faced with challenges and it’s how you deal with them, is what’s gonna make you the winner.

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