Pension! What Pension?

2091702_Stress-income-savings-pension-retirementI remember when I was 16 and starting my 1st government job as we called it
in the UK. I actually landed a job with the British Telecommunications company. My mum was so proud of me as I was building my future and preparing for my pension. Pension!!! I didn’t want to be thinking a
bout pension after all that seemed such a long way away and that was something old people worried about. Why would I need to be troubled with that at 16?
See what I did not realise at the time, like so many others my age and even older, was that the pension pot was going to evaporate, one, due to advance in medical care and longer life expectancy.

The Pension Pot is drying up.

A chart outlining the UN’s social and economic well being rankings for those age 60 and over;

A chart outlining the UN’s social and economic well being rankings for those age 60 and over;

According to the Daily Mail and The New York Times the older generation are living much longer, which means the needed resources to support them is drying up due to the Department of Works and Pensions not predicting this trend.

Then there was loads of scandal about big companies swindling hard working people’s pension plans, that they had saved into believing that when they did reach the ripe old age of retirement, that they were covered. They had envisage that they would be able to travel and do all the things they had ever dreamt of but this was not to be the case.

Increasing the Pension Age to ease the strain.

The government declared that they no longer had money to pay people their hard earned pension and in fact they are actually suggesting that the retirement age is increased to take the strain of them.


Determined to build my own Pension.

To be honest, I was very reckless and when I left my job at British Telecom I took the money that they had been drawing from my salary for my pension and spent it. I did not think I would be going into another government job. However, the long and short, whatever pension I had, I’ve used it up, so I knew there was nothing in the kitty for me other than the state pension if I was lucky.

That is why I have been determined to try and fend for myself. I knew that the lifestyle that I wanted would not be possible as there was no way a government pension would sustain that. So in my quest to build a better lifestyle for myself and my children I stumbled across the internet.

Now I know there are many of you that feel, having an online business is one:risky, two:scammy and three only for the young folks, but let me tell you this. The majority of groups I am in on Facebook and online communities are in fact the mature adults who like you and me want to make sure we have security in our old age as we for one cannot rely on our government and two maybe the jobs we’ve worked at for years will not be paying out that tidy handshake we were expecting.

You see more and more people in my age group also known as the Baby Boomers are seeking alternative ways to make an additional income.

Check out these pictures ======>>>beach group shot

All these guy’s belong to the same community I’m with. All after financial freedom and long-term security.

The ages varies and I know we have a guy who is 85 years young who is successfully making money using the system I am uses and being able to connect with likeminded people who understand what you are trying to achieve. After all when you venture onto another journey, sometimes your closest friend’s and family do not support you because they do not understand.

That’s where this community of people I am with are totally different because we are all on the journey together.

Why not come along to one of our workshops which we will be having in your area soon It’s only two hours of your time and you can learn how you too can build a striving business from the comfort of your own home and travel to exotic places like I have.

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