The Day That Change My Life!

Maybe I should have said One of the Most Significant Days that changed my LIFE. I believe there are many days that have a significant affect on us, so really it would be hard to pinpoint or narrow it down to just one day, hence me rephrasing it. So this particular days was indeed a pivotal turning point to say the least. It was the day I attended my very first live business event.


It was a 3 day event, held in the West End of London at one of the top hotels. The whole event was jammed packed with speakers from various niches demonstrating what they were doing to make money online. To be honest it just sounded unbelievable, that people were making money from Social Media. At the time a few speakers were talking about the POWERS of Facebook. I was so blown away and that is why I say it was a pivotal point for me as now I was now seeing the power of the internet and how things were changing with regards to how businesses were leveraging this new online technology age.


Another great thing for me was for the first time, many people I had actually connected with on Facebook, I was now able to meet them in person and make those connections real. Networking online then actually connecting face to face really just cements the relationship and helps to build the trust, because you now know they are a real person.

Over the years I’ve attended loads of events both in the UK and the Worldwide. I would say you can never attend to many as

1: You are learning new things all the time.

2: You get the opportunity to meet some great people and forge life-long relationships

3: Some people have gone on to forge new business relationships, just by connecting with someone at an event.

4: If you’ve been to some of the events I have you get the opportunity to connect with Millionaires and learn from them.

You maybe wondering why am I telling you all this? Well recently I travelled to Fiji to such an event and the experience, plus the exposure I received was priceless. There is no way you could put a price tag on it. I gained valuable insights from Multi-millionaires, got the
me_mattopportunity to work 1-2-1 with one particular guys whose company has paid out over $51 million USD in commission.

I’m telling you this not to brag but to let you know there are so many opportunities waiting out there for you, you just have to recognise them when they come your way.


If you are serious about changing your life and creating a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed about, then it’s down to you to make the first steps. If you want the opportunity to network with millionaires, maybe learn how to diversify your assets or embark on a new journey learning how to create wealth then I would highly recommend you attend one of the Free Two Hour workshops we are holding in your area. Just for attending you will get a FREE GIFT that will start you on your journey.

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