Who is John Chow?John Chow

Well before I get into that I wanted to tell you how I met John Chow. Then I want you to watch a video where John takes us on a tour of his humble beginnings and his lifestyle and how he is now a multi-millionaire and the business model he used to earn well over TWO Million dollars.

How I Met John Chow

I had the pleasure whilst on a recent business trip to meet John Chow. It was quite funny actually. We were in the departure lounge in Los Angeles Airport waiting for our flight to Fiji where we were due to attend a High Ticket Mastermind.

John Chow was standing in front of me. I remember i kept looking at him, as I was trying to work out if it was him or not. It really puzzled me as he was ever so tall and I never really imagined him to be that tall so I was doubting myself.  I was trying to get my daughter’s attention to ask her whether it was him or not but she was not paying me any attention. So I decided to go and ask him.

On first contact he was very nice, quiet pleasant in fact. He was nothing how I imagined him to be. What i mean is that sometimes when people are in a position of wealth they can have a tendency to turn their noses up at you, but John Chow was nothing like this.

We were in the front of the queue as we both had 1st class tickets. we got on the plane and soon made ourselves comfortable. Little did we know that we would have to be getting off the plane due to technical problems. Once we embarked we were put up by the airline in a nearby hotel. John Chow stayed with my daughter and I and we all went to the Hotel together. This gave us a chance to forge our relationship.

John Chow & I in the VIP Lounge

The following day we met up again at the airport in their VIP Lounge. Excuse me, looking a bit rough LOL.airport me john chow

We travelled with John Chow all the way to our hotel which was about an hour long. This guy is so funny, he is really entertaining and a great guy to know. He has done so many amazing things and is also a dab hand with the camera.

John Chow with the ladies

 John Chow with the ladiesIn my opinion John Chow is one of the most humble people I have met. John was always networking with us at meal times and was never guarded with information. He shared his story with us at the Mastermind and I’m not joking it brought me to tears. The tears were of joy and pride to see what one can do if they really put their mind to it. John’s story also gives hope to others who maybe faced with adversity.

Watch the video here ===> John Chow Open’s the Curtains



John Chow with mother and daughter on Robinson Crusoe Island Fiji.

John Chow with mother and daughter on Robinson Crusoe Island Fiji.

I just wanted you to see that John Chow is a real person and not a fictitious person or a made up story for the video. Some of the people featured in the video I personally know. These people and their stories are real. The information shared in the video is real too. The intro video, I’m actually in it but you may not see me as I’m at the end. That shot was taken in Fiji.

My point is it is real and the system works, that is why I personally wanted to introduce John Chow to you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, I don’t mind.

If John Chow’s story inspires you then I urge you to take action now.