Those darn negative people…

Why is it that when things go wrong negative people have to blame others that are doing well for their demise?

Three examples spring to mind. Two triggered from  Facebook post’s I’ve read over the past day and one from a personal experience.

negative people

Negative people and their issues.

No.1- So I’m in this Facebook group and someone is asking for help about a business I’m involved in. One commentator who appears to have sour grapes decided to call the company a scam. Now no one knows what this guy has been through with this company, but the company has a proven track record and people have made a lot of money with this company. I know personally this is not a scam because I too have made money from this company and I know other people who have generated over 500k in sales personally. So I decided to do my detective work and check out his Facebook profile, it turns out he has tried making contact with one of the managers and no one has got back to him. However, what he is not taking into account is that this is a very busy time for the company, with loads of events going on, there is a possibility that people could be in transit preparing for the up and coming events. I think this type of behavior is not good especially as we are adults.

Why are negative people so bitter and twisted?

No.2 – So of course I have encountered negative people in my lifetime but never to this extent. Following a break up with a friend, it appears that they have become very bitter with my success because of this they have decided to have a vendetta against me. I have chosen not to support them anymore or be a listening ear when they are in need because they do not value my friendship. As a result, this person has decided to try and blacken my name by telling everyone I am a scammer, but that was not good enough oh no! They take to Facebook and go on my business page to tell the whole world I am a scammer.

No.3 – A Facebook friend posted an apology on her page as it appears someone had taken to slandering her on Facebook. Again this person is a person of high integrity but the offender felt by broadcasting on Facebook she is a scammer, would ruin her business.

 Why do negative people behave this way?

Negative people are stuck in this world of negativity which they thrive off of. Instead of taking responsibility they blame others for their actions or lack of actions. Its not cool to be jealous of others, you do not know their struggles or what they’ve gone through to get what they have. If someone is doing well in life be happy for them. Being angry and vengeful only eats away at your inner sole and will turn you into a really ugly person.

I try to be forgiving and people think I’m crazy, but in life you realize not everyone means you well and you just have to pray for them and get on with your life. Negative people are around us all the time, it’s how we deal with it is the main thing.

Forget negative people, if they have no use in your life discard them. Surround yourself with positivity and people who are there to build you, not destroy you.

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